Where it all started!

Without getting to personal, this bed and breakfast brought the life back into my mom. It gave her a purpose that she had not felt in many years! 

Mom had recently come to stay with us. We wanted her to move here, back to the Okanagan. Back to her roots, her friends and last place that she remembered she was was truly happy. Im sure if you ask her, that was NOT on her agenda. During one of her visits, my husband took her out looking at houses. The White Street house was the last one on the list, and honestly, Mom didn’t even want to look at it. It was 'old' ... She has always thought of herself as modern girl. But agreed to look at it anyway. When Mom walked thru the front door she knew … this is where home was going to be. Debbie bought the house right then and there! Possession date was March 3rd, 2015! March 3rd proved to be a special day! After moving mom in that day, I went into labour with my second child, Chase! 

Mom immediately had the plan to change it into a bed and breakfast …. And away we went!

Mom saw something in this 'old' house.  She hired a designer to help put her vision into reality. The designer didn't see it ... so Mom went at it on her own! 

The renovations started soon after she moved in……. It was actually only supposed to be the sunroom and the bathroom .... HAHA! 


We started in the bathroom. It was in the roughest shape. The tiles were mouldy, the floor tiles weren't laid properly so there were gaps in them. It was SMALL! There was also a tiny half bath joined to the back. It has a shower that leaked and it was even smaller!! This is what it looked like before!

So we decided to open it up!!!

We put in a new window, restructured the floor and walls. It was a complete  'gut' and redesign! 

The tile floors, new window, wainscoting and a storage closet went in ....

Then the  fixtures ....

Finished product! This bathroom is the MASTER of all bathrooms! Although the 'design' is true to its heritage, it also is equipped with a towel heater, heated floors and even a bluetooth speaker to listen to your own music while you relax in the amazing clawfoot tub! 


The sunroom was such a beautiful space. The light that shines thru these amazing windows is effervescent.  But something just wasn't right. We knew we had to turn it into something special. It featured this old cabinet that we were told used to part of the kitchen. I TRIED to convince her to tear it down, but Mom loved the history behind it! We were told that it was once the kitchen cabinets ... 


The room had this odour, a musty smell. We was sure it was the floors, so we decided to put new tile in. Even after the tile, once the room heated up ... there was still that smell! 

I finally convinced her to rip down the old cabinet. While the doors may have been original, the cabinet was created from MDF and new plywood .. not old! It was also the cause of the SMELL!! 

Changed out the old door to a beautiful french door! And VOILA! In my opinion, the BEST room in the house! 

Morning Room

Ahhh .. the morning room. The Morning room was nothing short of a revelation! This was supposed to be our 3rd room ... but it was so small ... and had zero inspiration. This room was put on the back burner, because we just couldn't come up with anything or should I say agree on anything! ;) Then one day Mom and our painter (Shannon from Shades of Shannon) had a thought! Why not give our guest a place to have coffee, read the paper etc before breakfast!! I was totally against this idea! It was wasting a room! .... I was wrong ... Its an amazing addition! 

The Morning Room was born! 

Magnolia Room

This is our Queen Room. This really showcases my Mom decorating ability!!! 

Mango Room

The Mango Room is our luxury room. There is a beautiful Patio off the room ... a HUGE King bed made of Mango wood. (Hence how it earned it name!) 

Then the outside changes! 

Mom had a vision of a 'Yellow' house .... The house was actually painted twice! The first yellow was too yellow! We also had a bad experience with the first painter. Thank goodness we found Shannon!!! Shannon continued to see Moms vision .. not only for the outside, but she painted basically every inch of the inside as well!!! Many of the added touches Shannon contributed to ...

This was the 'Yellow' House


I admit, I loved the bright yellow! The locals also now refer to it as the 'Yellow House!" hahhaha .... 




This is the actual Before and Afters of the House. 

One of the MOST important tasks for Mom was to remove the old hot tub that was blocking the beautiful old French Doors off the dining room. The doors had not been used in many many years!!! They had several coats of paint ... sealing them shut. I was all for opening the doors! But I fought her on the hot tub removal ..... once again ...Mom knows best!

Damian (My husband) not only opened those original doors without breaking the glass, but he made them operational! 

Then came removing the Hot Tub. Its amazing what a promise of some cold beer will get you! 

Damian rebuilt the floor of the deck and it looks fabulous! 

Yard Work

There was tall cedars that circled the south side of the house followed by over grown junipers and lilacs with stems as thick as my arm. Mom tried her best to get them all healthy again, but they had been neglected for too long .... So they all came out. If we are counting, I wanted to keep the Cedars! HAHA .. wrong again! Damian used a chainsaw to cut them all back and then had to use my Bronco to pull out the roots! 

But THIS was the finished product! Opened up the whole yard! 

After what seemed like a lifetime of construction, we owe a HUGE Thanks to Shades of Shannon and Canyonview Construction. Also, my Auntie Susie, who made trips down to help mom decorate! Her vacation trips were hard labour and wholllle lotta wine! She was always there to help mom with her design blocks and always got the ball rolling! 

Now we have the Harvest Moon Guest House!!! 

Debbie Golfetto - Owner and Hostess!  Melissa Holland - Operations Manager

Debbie Golfetto - Owner and Hostess! 

Melissa Holland - Operations Manager



Season 2017 Starts Now!

We are excited for the 2017 season to start! 

We designed a blog to showcase our year! Guests, festivities, food, weather, changes and more!! 

We listened to all our guests comments from last season and made many changes! Some big - Like new bedroom furniture in the Magnolia Room, to small changes like extra garbage cans with lids. We removed a bit of the 'Superfluous' accents and replaced them with practical additions! 

The most exciting news for Harvest Moon!!! We won the 2016 Booking.com reviews award!! Thank you to all the guests that booked via booking.com. 

We have also joined forces with Chantel Weston, the owner and operator of A New Leash. This is a service that will allow you travel with your fur baby. Chantel is an experienced dog trainer that will provide one on one care for your puppy. (Based on availability) 

A new leash.png

Harvest Moon welcomes you and your friends to 2017! We look forward to seeing all the new (and returning) guests! 

The Okanagan is full of exciting events to enjoy during your stay! If you are interested in Wine Tours, Biking, hiking or just walking along the beach let us know when you book and we can give you information or even book it for you! 

Remember we are always listening to your comments! If you have suggestions for improvement or comfort let us know!!! 

Stay tuned for more posts!