Season 2017 Starts Now!

We are excited for the 2017 season to start! 

We designed a blog to showcase our year! Guests, festivities, food, weather, changes and more!! 

We listened to all our guests comments from last season and made many changes! Some big - Like new bedroom furniture in the Magnolia Room, to small changes like extra garbage cans with lids. We removed a bit of the 'Superfluous' accents and replaced them with practical additions! 

The most exciting news for Harvest Moon!!! We won the 2016 reviews award!! Thank you to all the guests that booked via 

We have also joined forces with Chantel Weston, the owner and operator of A New Leash. This is a service that will allow you travel with your fur baby. Chantel is an experienced dog trainer that will provide one on one care for your puppy. (Based on availability) 

A new leash.png

Harvest Moon welcomes you and your friends to 2017! We look forward to seeing all the new (and returning) guests! 

The Okanagan is full of exciting events to enjoy during your stay! If you are interested in Wine Tours, Biking, hiking or just walking along the beach let us know when you book and we can give you information or even book it for you! 

Remember we are always listening to your comments! If you have suggestions for improvement or comfort let us know!!! 

Stay tuned for more posts!